dinsdag 1 januari 2019

YouTube answer on how to grow long natural hair

The products in stores won't grow your hair out. Make homemade products. Those products will definitely grow out your hair. I discovered DIY's last year.

Though my hair was shoulder length when I was a kid, my hair started to break when I was 12. My hair grew over the years, but only to a short length. I never knew my hair could grow longer and so fast with homemade products! It is still growing, but I'm very consistent with my hair care routine.Try it, you won't be disappointed 🙂
Here are the DIY's I'm talking about:

Rice water is a great recipe to grow your hair out like crazy fast. Many black women have benefitted from this. I always use it.
All the videos on YouTube about rice water, are good recipes.
I'll give you the link of 1 of my favourite videos:

Homemade avocado hair mask is an enormously good deep conditioner which I use. It gives your hair a natural shine and it makes your hair super soft and it helps your hair to grow longer.
Here are the links to this recipe, made by Naptural85 and Ebony's Curly TV:

I also use homemade avocado/carrot oil. This recipe grows your hair out like crazy:

I'm also using an egg mask. My hair loves it. This is a protein treatment by the way. It is a recipe from Ebony's Curly TV. This treatment makes your hair stronger, helps with hair-growth and is able to help you, achieving a great protein-balance of your hair. Use it before deep-conditioning:

Sometimes I also use water, mixed with aloe vera juice to moisturize my hair to combat dryness. The results are amazing:

U can also use apple cider vinegar as a rinse, to combat dryness:

I've purchased a steamer from Ali Express. It opens up your pores and promotes hair growth:

This is a lot, but I am sure it will help you in your hair journey. I'm very curious about your results. Good luck! 🍀💜🖤